Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Austrian projects:FESTIVALS

Nova Rock
Nova Rock is an annual Austrian Rock-Festival for three days in June. Since 2005 it has been in Nickelsdorf in Burgenland and the organizers are the Nova-Music Entertainment and other music entertainments. On the festival area you can camp with a camper or a tent and there are pubs and fast food places, where you can eat. Every year there is a Nova-Beer brewed by Ottakringer for only 1 Euro. Last year 160 000 tickets were sold for the festival and it is the biggest Rock-Festival in Austria. Since 2005 the festival area has grown and in 2009 the stage was the biggest festival stage in Europe. Every year there are 40 to 50 bands, on each day 8 to 9 and everybody can choose what he/she wants to listen to and every year there are very famous bands like Greenday, die Ärzte, Rammstein, Seed, Linking Park, etc. This year there will be Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Billy Talent and other bands.


Frequency is also an Austrian Music Festival. First it was held in Vienna and Salzburg, but in the last three years it was in St. Pölten. Most bands play Indie Rock or alternative music, but there are also bands which make electronic music and Hip Hop. The organizers work together with the organizers from Nova Rock, so sometimes the bands play on both festivals. In the last five years there were bands like Muse, Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Peter Fox, etc. The festival started in 2001 and it lasts for three days in August every year. Within the festival area you can also camp. One very positive thing is that the festival area is close to a river where people can cool down. At Nova Rock Festival there are only few washing facilities where you can take a shower and cool down. On both festivals there are large partyzones.

Steirischer Herbst

 “Steirische Herbst” is an international festival for Contemporary Art in Styria. It is every year in September and October and it was established in 1968. „Steirische Herbst“ is the oldest and most traditional festival of Modern Art in Europe. During the „Steirische Herbst“ there are many projects dealing with theatre, architecture, literature, dance and music. On various places in Styria there are concerts, lectures, performances and there are many exhibitions in the museums. Often the projects of the „Steirischen Herbst“ are projects that criticize society and livestyle of European people.

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