Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Austrian projects: MODERN MUSIC


Gate 13 is a young East Styrian pop-rock band.‬
It consists of two girls and three boys: Paula (17, plays the piano and sings), Marie (13, plays the saxophone and sings), Joshua (16, plays the guitar and sings), Phillipp (15, plays the bass) and Morris (14, plays the drums).
They write their own songs.

On their youtube site you can listen to their song "Stop Talking - Start Planting" dedicated to "Plant for the Planet", a worldwide organisation of children who want to plant a million trees in each country.
Right now they are recording their debut album "Infinity" which should come out in autumn.

Twitter: Gate 13


Their music style is a mix of rock, pop and songs they wrote themselves. They also cover some songs of famous musicians. 

The band has five band members: Marco Angelini (vocals), Martin Steinkeller (lead guitar), Alexander Kristandl (drums), Herwig Winterleitner (rhythm guitar) and Wolfgang Breidler (bass). 

The band was founded in 2009 and gained fame because of the singer, who made it into the top five at the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (Germany is looking for the next superstar). 
They have played gigs in Austria, Germany and Spain. 

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